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Every month, I've been trying to play games from different franchises, because I want to expand my taste in gaming... but I got myself into JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) and got stuck in there, and it has turned into my favorite genre of gaming. But, whatever, I got myself into Final Fantasy (Favorites been VI and VIII), Xenoblade Chronicles (there's only one game, lol), Breath of Fire (Still don't know if I have a favorite, but it's probably one of the PSX games), and very soon I'll finally try the "Tales of" series.

But then, I got myself attached to Fire Emblem, trying Awakening at first and... I won't hide it, I loved it. It's so.. big and great, compared to other games in the franchise, it is overrated but... I don't care, you know? It fits my taste, I don't care if the game is "the best in the series", "has the best gameplay", or even "LOL IT SUCKS", I like a game when it fits my taste in gaming, and this game does... it's my favorite of the franchise so far, and why is that? I've been playing the portable games so far, which means 70% of the games of the franchise. I tried Biding Blade, Roy's game, y'know, that awesome dude from Smash Bros. Melee? Well, guess what? .... I didn't find it that special, the gameplay sure is still great, but the story is just... bleh, in a game like Fire Emblem, I was expecting more of the story than anything else, nothing got me interested in the game besides Roy himself, but even he didn't make me play the game until the end. It's not a bad game, it just isn't something I'd waste more than a week at.

Then, Fire Emblem from GBA, starring Eliwood, the prequel to Biding Blade, and since it is connected to that game, I was afraid it'd be just as "bad" (don't get it wrong, it's by no means a bad game)... but it was, it has a typical and basic story from a Fire Emblem game, y'know, "OH GOD GRIMA, LET'S KILL HIM WITH THE FIRE EMBLEM YAY", yes I know, Awakening was just like that, but there were the paralogues (and there are lots of them in the game) which had side stories, they weren't much, but there was one thing that hold my interest: the characters, they were so well made in Awakening, in both Biding Blade and Eliwood's game, the characters are just "OK LET'S MAKE OUR JOB", rather than been a good and well made character, yes I do care about the story a lot, but that's what I'm looking for in there games! Also, the amount of tutorial this game has just kills me in the inside.

Uhh.. then, I finally tried the remake of one of the most important games in the franchise, Shadow Dragon. I... quite got into it, in comparison with Biding Blade and Eliwood's game, the story is better and the characters are better, but... still not as great as I was expecting. I guess I've been spoiled by Awakening, but it's honestly what I think. I'm not sure why I'm quite not getting into these games, but I swear I'm trying to be open to them. I'm looking forward to play Path of Radiance and Sacred Stones now, and I'm still expecting the same from them: good story. I'm actually thinking that Path of Radiance is going to captivate me the most in that regard, I've seen few reviews saying the story is great, but I'm not going to confirm any of that, I'll try all by myself.

I've also been spoiled by other great JRPGs, which most of them have really brilliant stories, and that's what I'm looking for in Fire Emblem. Maybe I'm searching for that in the wrong place, maybe FE truly focus on a tactic gameplay style, but Awakening showing otherwise makes me curious in asking if the other games does have a great story or not. Well, I got to play all of them if I truly want that, I hope I can find what I am looking for.
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Yo, yo, yo. My name is Cleube, but call me Skar since it's my nickname, or as Aris since it's my Sonic OC's name.
I'm recently 16 years old, I work in a supermarket and as a organizer for fighting tournaments during videogame conventions.
I'm atheist with a strong fetish for science and mythology, and always dreamed to work with this stuff, though I doubt that will ever happen.

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 3325-3663-6506

-Few friends, not all of them//
:iconlonewolfalpha250: We talk all the time and share ideas, pretty much bros.
:iconchaos-user: She also talks to me a lot and has a big fetish for scythes.
:iconyagoshi: Guy that sends a lot of stuff to me and watches Saint Seiya just as much as I did.
:iconwarriorunicorn: Bitches along with me about the politics of the world. Derp.
:icondigital-papercut: He draw breasts. Herp.
:iconjohnthebaratrian: Really creative guy that does a lot of awesome stuff.
:icondjyoshi25: Talented spriter and artist that likes Elsword. Derp².
:iconlolathehedgehog23: A dead woman. lol
:iconmespaintth: Has a fetish for Wisps :v
:iconaceofspadesth: Makes flashes at 40 fps something I'll never do.
:iconacetrainer-ace: He sprites breasts. Herp².
:iconbladedshard9: Pokéman.
:iconxspider-7: Has a big love for ponies (hue), though Luna beats them all.
:iconnickthehedgehog66: PC Master Race

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Iron Giant Stamp by ToonfreakBack to the Future Stamp by Blue-FoxThe Dark Knight by phantom

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Kill La Kill Stamp by MeepNyanOne Piece Stamp 2 by ChrissyMStamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiro

Waifus everywhere by Link2Night

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Bro, have you ever read Berserk? It is a brilliant manga! I just heard they had made 3 new movies! I'm a big fan so I decided to recomend it to someone who I know will appreciate it!

P.s. How is reading/watching Jojo going?
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