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Last year's E3 just rocked really hard since it was the announcement of the other new generation consoles, and many good things came from that announcement. Few has been released already, others are still to come, so I'll make a little list here for what I wish to get already.

-A new 3DS// Why? Because I was sharing the 3DS with my sister, and with Smash Bros. in the way, it will be impossible to share it with each other. So I plan to buy a 3DS by my own, and finally start adding you guys there because it would be quite annoying adding friends in a console I share with my sister. So.. yeah, wait a little 'til I do that.

-Wii U// OKAY, I KNOW, you guys dislike Wii U, and it's not selling well, and bla bla bla... I know that... but I still want one. Few of the reasons are down here. You can call me anything, but I still want to buy that bastard, I want to play the games that are available on the console.

- PS4// Of course. I need to buy this one because it's also another one that is a priority to myself. Few of the games I want is out already, so... I gotta get some money.


- Final Fantasy XV// Of freaking course. This is actually the game I'm excited the most between all of these. Why, you ask? Because it's Final Fantasy, so shut up. Oh, also because of the new things in the game is overall making me more and more hyped each time I watch that damn trailer. It's been 8 years since Square announced this guy, so I hope they are making a great job here.

- Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U// If it's not Final Fantasy XV, it's this game. It's Smash Bros., there's not much you can say about... but goddamn, it looks so good. All of the new characters, specially Greninja and Little Mac, are all awesome, and the new items and features are making this game fabulous. Oh, and Sonic was confirmed in this game again... I never asked for this. :iconadamjensenplz:

- Legend of Zelda U// ... Really? You thought I wasn't listing this one? Do you even know me? Anyways, the reason why I'm not as hyped for this one than I am for these previous game is for the fact that nothing for this game was actually revealed yet, so, all I know is that it exists somehow... gotta wait.

- InFamous: Second Son// It's out already, I know. But since I have no PS4 for now, all I can appreciate are screenshot and gameplays. Ruby Rose (Slick) can go screw herself for spoiling me few things about the game. >c

- Kingdom Hearts III// After so many years it was finally revealed, and since I followed up the series since now, of course I'm hyped. The problem is that this one might take a hell of a while since it's production begun a while ago, different from FFXV that has been in development since 2006. At least the concept gameplay videos looks great.

- Sonic Boom// So, after all the hate I had for this game is now gone, I'm actually quite hyped to see it. Y'know, it's a totally new Sonic game, and I'm hoping for this one break apart my expectations. Well, but I've learned from my past, never get so hyped for a Sonic game, it might not come as expected... Lost World.

- Super Mario 3D World// Look, I know Wii U isn't that good right now, and no one can confirm if that is going to change for good or for the bad, but I still want one, okay? And... Yeah, 3D World, I want it. I've already played it, but I wanna beat it with my own hands... so, I gotta buy a Wii U already. c:

And this is all of my gaming wishlist, this might change with time, but for now, this is all I want. So... see ya.
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Yo, yo, yo. My name is Cleube, but call me Skar since it's my nickname, or as Aris since it's my Sonic OC's name.
I'm recently 16 years old, I work in a supermarket and as a organizer for fighting tournaments during videogame conventions.
I'm atheist with a strong fetish for science and mythology, and always dreamed to work with this stuff, though I doubt that will ever happen.

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:iconmrflashmuffins: He draw breasts. Herp.
:iconjohnthebaratrian: Really creative guy that does a lot of awesome stuff.
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:iconmespaintth: Has a fetish for Wisps
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