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-ppl with better content than mine:

Jojo's Stamp - Jojo's Logo by Magntaa
Uhh... after all this time, covered by this wall of lies, using this false information to fool others... This feels so painful for me, but I need to say it. Truth is: I've been lying this entire time about my age. I'm not 17 years old, and I'm really, really, REALLY, sorry for lying, I'm a really big piece of shit, but I kinda have a reason for that:

People age weren't taken seriously until sometime ago, everywhere I went on the internet, people were above 18 years old. I always noticed they acted like me, like the same things as I do, so I wanted to join their space... but I knew for a fact that I'd be completely ignored if I told them my true age, so I kept lying... this was back in 2009, I think, when I acclaimed I was born in 1997. Kept with this lie, knew new people, and said them I was born in 97, so they could take me seriously... but since I'm in a age I think I could be taken more seriously anyway, and also because I see that people my age nowadays are taken more seriously, and seeing that many people actually enjoy what I do... I must reveal this already: I'm actually 15 years old, and I'll be 16 this year. Yes, born in 1999. Yes, younger (I guess) than Sammy, who acclaims to be born in 1998.. but yeah, I'm 15 years old. I haven't completed high school, I'm still in high school and, I don't know how it is in the United States and the rest of the world, but high school only has three grades: First grade, second grade and third grade from high school, they take it as a whole new stage in school instead of mixing it up with the grades in the medium school or whatever. Also, if I ever sent you a picture of me in real life (besides to Saaxofone , he was the first one to know this all and has seen me irl), then I'm sorry, that wasn't me, it probably was a picture of a friend of mine, who had no problem in me using them... I know, I'm a real piece of shit, I lied to you all about that, and - from the bottom of my heart - I'm truly sorry for this conflict, I truly am...

... but besides that, not much of what I've ever said here was a lie. The only part that I was kind of lying was the fact that I was in college, which now, you know it's a lie, but I truly am trying to learn about programming, or better yet, computer science, so that's not 100% false.. I do already have a job in my father's supermarket, I do get my own money, I do buy my own stuff, I have crazy stories in real life, I have a PS3 (lol)... these weren't lies, I truly have all of this, it was only my age and grade at school that I lied about, so I could be taken more seriously, and I don't know if I succeeded to get the confidence of you all or anything... but yeah. Again, I'm truly sorry for lying, I know how this might sound like a lie to some of you, but I swear this time I'm not, I really am the age I told you.

I truly hope some of you don't get bothered by this, some of you might even say that my age doesn't mean anything and that you'll treat me the same way, some might say "LOL FAG LOSER HAD TO LIE ALL THIS TIME LOOOOL", and maybe some might have their minds blown because they are used to the fact that I always said I was born in 97 and I finally revealed that I didn't and that I'm two years younger than what I always said. Some will care, most won't, but whatever, I wanted this to get out, it's been years of lies, and I feel like it's finally time to tell the truth... it's been a pain in my soul for years, and I hope it'll finally be gone... maybe it gets worse, depending on how you people react to this. I'll say this again, and again, and again, that I'm TRULY sorry for this and that I was a jerk for keeping this for so long, I was afraid of telling the truth, I really am sorry for this.

Have a great week and year, and have a great day/night.
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bouncing fish 2 win by Link2Night
bouncing fish 2 win
My badass main, I really like Sheik in Smash 4, seriously. Although I'm not a big fan of her in Ocarina of Time... and I'm not a fan of OoT either. Great matchup. But as fun as that sounds, as much as I wrote that in the title, I don't use her DownB/Bouncing Fish so often, only when I think it's really necessary.

Anyways... yeah, bye.

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